Best Soy Candle Making Book!

*The Soy Candle Making Book is 149 pages available as a downloadable pdf file.

*With Purchase of this E-Book , you get any future updated versions FREE!

*Comes with a spreadsheet for you to easily keep track of your own fragrance/color combinations, and printable testing sheets.

Over 3000 books sold!

*Recipes for mason jar candles, pillar candles, layered candles, swirl candles, chunk candles, votives, tealights, whipped wax frosting, wickless candles and soy wax melts!

The Soy Candle Making Book will save you an incredible amount of time! Everything you need to make beautiful soy candles is right in this book. (except the supplies, of course)

Most people spend hours searching the internet for soy candle making recipes, troubleshooting, how to find the right wick, the best places to buy supplies and on and on.  I KNOW because I did that too when I was starting out.

YOU don't have to be one of those people!  I want you to be able to find everything you need right HERE so you don't have to waste all that precious time when you could be getting right down to making your candles, whether you are starting a business, have a business already, or just wanting to start a hobby.


Soy Candle Making Tools and Tips:

  • An extensive section on finding the right wick including a list of all the different types of wicks for soy wax and an explanation of each, with sizing recommendations.
  • Learn about soy wax pros and cons as well as a list of ALL the different types of soy wax and my thoughts about some of the kinds I've tested and which are my favorites!
  • An explanation of each tool and ingredient that is used in making soy candles as well as a list of fragrance oils I have personally found to have a great scent throw.
  • A COMPLETE list of US soy candle making suppliers by state, as well as some suppliers in Australia, Canada and the UK!
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  • I have just ordered and downloaded your ebook and can’t believe that you even refer to locations here in Australia where we can purchase supplies. Just love your book. It is so comprehensive and easy to read.

  • Very helpful!! I bought the e-book and purchased the hardcover too! All the info you need in one place. Highly recommend"

  • Just purchased your book. Soy candle books are hard to find, yours is just what I was looking for. Very informative, thank you for sharing your knowledge.”

  • I love that you give your honest opinions and you have given us ideas of which scents you have tried and tested.  I placed a $130 order today through your experience. I can’t thank you enough, You’re a very talented lady. Best wishes from a very happy customer


Melissa M. Hall

About the Author

My name is Melissa Hall and I have been making soy candles for over 7 years.

I started a soy candle business in 2008 and made and sold soy candles for a few years.

My candles sold successfully with many happy customers, but with 3 kids and being a stay at home mom and wife, I decided I just didn't have the time or energy for that type of business.


I still LOVE soy candles though, and I love helping people, so I thought it would be great to create an e-book that really goes in depth, but makes it simple for anyone to create beautiful, natural soy wax candles.

I am POSITIVE you will love "The Soy Candle Making Book" and find it incredibly helpful and a  MUST HAVE in your candle making toolbox, as so many others have!