How To Make Soy Votive Candles
  • 8 Votive molds.
  • 8 votive candle wicks.
  • Pour Pot, or double boiler setup.
  • Rubber Spatula that can withstand heat, or plastic spoon.
  • Glass candy thermometer
  • 1lb Soy Votive Wax
  • 1oz fragrance oil of your choice
  • Candle dye, any color you choose, or no dye.
  1. First, set up your votive molds with the wick pins in them on some wax paper on your counter or table. The wax paper will keep you from having to wipe up spills once you're done making your votive candles.
  2. Put your pour pot, or metal bowl on a scale (preferably a digital one) and 0 it out. Pour your soy votive wax in until the scale says 1lb.
  3. Set your pour pot in the pot with water in it (about an inch or 2) or set your bowl or double boiler pot on top of the pot with water in it.
  4. NEVER put the pot or bowl with wax directly on the stove as it could combust! Always use water surrounding the pour pot, or use a double boiler set up.
  5. Set the stove to med-low heat (aprox. 4).
  6. Put the thermometer in the wax and set your timer for 15 min. so you remember to check on the wax.
  7. Once the soy votive wax has melted and reached 195-200 degrees F. Take the pour pot, or bowl off the stove and set it onto the digital scale. 0 out the scale again.
  8. Once the wax is down to about 185 degrees, pour 1oz of fragrance oil (by weght) and stir a couple times. Then add a couple drops or so of your choice of candle dye according to what color you want, and stir a few more times until everything is incorporated.
  9. By now the wax should be about 175 degrees. This is the time you should pour into your votive molds. You don't want it to cool like you do with soy container candles.
  10. Once you have filled each votive mold, it is time to wait till they are completely cooled before pulling them out of the metal molds. They should just pop right out when they are cool enough. Usually takes about an hour or two depending on the room temperature.
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